Toilet Paper, How I Hate Thee

Toilet paper always seemed like a good idea to me.

It isn’t expensive.

Alone, I don’t go through that much.

It is convenient, as long as you have it.

Sure, it’s got chemicals in it and I’m rubbing those chemicals on rather sensitive places.  Yeah, it’s quite literally flushing money down the toilet.  But it’s necessary!  Right?

Well, I could use all natural toilet paper, but that’s honestly just not very pleasant.  It isn’t soft and it’s rather pricey.  Not really ideal in my world.  Not to mention, not readily available.

I am a cloth diaper advocate.  (Don’t worry, I won’t go into it.  For now.)  I use a menstrual cup.  I’m moving away from paper towels.  So why am I so stuck on toilet paper?

It never really occured to me to make a change until the fateful day we began potty training.  Potty training means that a small child needs to have unrestricted access to the bathroom.  Yes, the bathroom, with the toilet.  And the toilet paper.

Did you know that toilet paper, when wet, makes excellent decorations for mirrors and walls?  Yeah, me either.  It also creates serious clogs in toilets and sinks.  And when it is constantly being used to decorate and play with, you don’t have it when you need it.

But it is fun to play with.

WAY fun.

How different is it to use cloth wipes on myself instead of using chemical laden wet wipes and toilet paper?  Is it really that difficult to dampen the very same baby washcloths I used as wipes for Dillon for myself?  Is my butt worth any less than his?

Is washing a tiny basket of washcloths with the towels REALLY that much of a strain?  Towels, regardless of size, really need the same type of washing diapers do.  You know, hot water, no softener…

So I made the switch to family cloth.

I have a nice little set of metal baskets with rubber feet sitting on the back of the toilet.  One for cleans and one for dirty.  Metal baskets are nicely washable.  I get the little washcloths on sale, which means I currently have robots.  Yup, I’m really that cool.

I am not good at folding them so they look pretty and I bought enough so that I only have to wash once a week or so.  I just throw them in with sheets or towels.  It’s EASY.  It doesn’t involve any more laundry than I needed to do before.

And you know what?  They don’t tear or leave behind bits and they don’t clog my pipes.  So suck it up, I’m a cloth girl.