Horrible Neglect

I have been neglecting my blog.

I have not shared with the world my crafting successes and failures.  I suck, I know.

To make up for it, I will bore you to tears with some updates!  Fun, right?

  • I have taken a bit of a hiatus on soap making after stockpiling a crazy amount of ingredients for it.  Why?  My soap collection has gotten massively out of hand.  I can only give away so much soap before my friends and family start whining (Emily, I’m talking to you!).  Seriously, if the apocalypse involves dirt, I’m good.  So.  Much.  Soap.  But it’s REALLY good soap!


See the box of MORE in the background?  Yeah, it's gotten out of hand.

See the box of MORE in the background? Yeah, it’s gotten out of hand.

  • Since I had all those ingredients for soap making, I looked for other things to do with them.  I started with things that were preservative free, but I wasn’t able to get the results I wanted from body butters, serums and salves.  On came a new craft!  I took up lotion making.  And once you go homemade on that one, there’s no going back.  Imagine a lotion that actually works.  It relieves dry skin is filled with skin loving ingredients to promote healthy hydrated skin and I can feel good about using it.  Yeah, that.
  • The lotion making led to surfactant blends.  I was using a cold process shampoo bar and getting good results, but the build up from the apple cider vinegar was killing me.  Not literally, but figuratively.  One day, my hair went from lovely and healthy to a frizzy mess and I don’t know why.  So, a natural result was making shampoo.  And conditioner.  Out of most of the same ingredients I was using for lotion making.  And you know what?  My hair looks fantastic.
  • Much like the soap making… I can only use so much lotion.  I’m a reasonable person.  Which meant I needed a craft that didn’t involve something I had to use up.  On comes the knitting!  This isn’t actually a new craft for me.  I learned to knit forever ago and it just never really stuck.  I learned a new technique, the Norwegian purl, that has changed my knitting life.  Really.
Cotton and silk blend shawl.

Cotton and silk blend shawl.

  • I made my first batch of catsup for the year, which is epic.  I even preserved it in a water bath canner.  I am epic.  Too bad they weren’t veggies from my own garden.  Sooooo good.
  • I learned how to cook rice that is actually quick and tasty.  Go me!  I am still a terrible cook.
  • I also suck at mowing my lawn.  Which reminds me.  I need to call Ben.

I’m sure there is more and there will be tutorial reviews to come, I’m sure.  In the meantime, I’ll be hanging with my Bitches on Facebook, if you want to find me.


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