Food is Evil

After much research on the interwebs, I have come to a conclusion.

Food is poison and it will kill you.

Ok, I’m only sort of kidding here.

Everyone, laymen and nutritionists alike, has their very own belief on what foods are actually good for you.  The newest diet/lifestyle is the Paleo DIet… in which you only get to eat what a caveman could.  Because grains are evil.  So is dairy.

Fat is evil too.

So is meat.

And salt.





Genetically modified foods… organic foods….

You can eat pumpkin, thankfully.  Everyone seems to think pumpkin is good even if they can’t agree on anything else.

Seriously, if you followed the evil food guidelines of all the different diets, you wouldn’t be able to eat anything at all!  Mostly because our bodies simply aren’t designed to perfectly digest anything.

Our stomachs aren’t designed for plants.  Our intestines aren’t designed for meats.  Everything will kill you.

So eat up!

What I can tell you for sure is that pre-packaged foods are filled with chemicals, some of them incredibly toxic, rather than food.  It’s also more expensive than buying produce and meats and cooking them yourself.  When you buy low fat, low sodium, low sugar/sugar free foods, that is only adding to the chemicals and other hidden nasties.

Oh, and coconut oil is a miracle.


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