Sustainable What?

On my current kick to simplify my life, I ran into a roadblock.

Face first I plowed into a problem I didn’t know I had and didn’t know how to fix.

Multi-blade razors.

You know, those expensive bad boys you pay a fortune for, then can’t make work with your all natural, homemade, truly moisturizing shaving-cream-in-a-can replacements?  Because oil plus dead skin plus little bits of hair stubble equals one clogged razor that sort of just scrapes at the top layer of your epidermis.  Not to mention, you use them over and over while they rust away in your shower, hoping to get one more use out of them before you have to trash it because they cost a freaking fortune!

Yeah, those.

So I set to my interwebs research, because I rock at that.

It took awhile.

There are millions and billions of shaving soaps, creams, pre-shave oils, and other alternatives to shaving cream, but very very few alternatives to disposable razors.  In fact, there are two.  And mostly manly men know about them.  There are even entire message board communities filled with men who use them (here and here).

And very, very few women.

I think it is a vast conspiracy.

The men want to keep their shaving secret… well… secret.

You see, REAL shaving is a manly art.  An art practiced in men’s barber shops for… well… a long time.

Women are the newbies on the shaving scene.  We’ve only been doing it a hundred years or so.  We never had to use our handy dagger to scrape the scruff from our… well… anywhere.  We were tricked into it, and now are addicted to being fur free.  But we still aren’t, really, in the club.

You see, I’m talking about the two schools of wet shaving.

You know, a mug of soap, that fluffy brush, and a Razor.  It’s a ritual involving oils and hot wet cloths and stropping (or not, depending on the kind of razor you use), then taking your time applying foamy soap and using tiny strokes until you are baby butt smooth.  It’s straight razors passed down from grandpa or a double edge safety razor.  It’s reusable metal that you can pass on rather than cheap plastic that barely works the first time.

And apparently women can do it too!

So, I’m going to say goodbye to multi-blade razors and give wet shaving a try.

Starting with a double edge safety razor, though I find myself strangely drawn by the idea of using a straight razor on my legs.  Maybe I’m a bit of a romantic after all.


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